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The best games about knights and the Middle Ages

Times of the Middle Ages are fanned with romance and always attract gamers, and developers are ready to offer you more and more games in this area. Thanks to them you can realize your dream of participating in knight tournaments, pick up a sword, try on armor and come together in a ruthless battle with rivals. Games about knights on Android will allow you to go your way to fame and honors, even virtual, but still, weighty, to survive a lot of adventures and overcome all obstacles.

All that you would expect from the chivalrous battles, you will find in this list.

9 games about knights and the Middle Ages:

  1. Knights fight: Medieval arena
  2. Iron blade: Medieval legends
  3. Clash royale
  4. Rival knights
  5. Mount and Blade: Warband
  6. Nonstop knight
  7. Battleheart: Legacy
  8. Arcane knight
  9. Steel and Flash

Knights fight: Medieval arena

Knights fight: Medieval arena The game will take you to the virtual world of knight tournaments, where you will face your rivals face to face, one on one. Challenge yourself and find out whether you are worthy of great military glory.

The hero of the game is a knight playing in tournaments. Fights look quite realistic — sword strikes against shields, blood splashes, movement of heroes — the animation in the game is perfectly implemented.

For victory over rivals you will be rewarded with gold, silver or «medals». You can spend the coins to buy new outfits or weapons, of course, weapons and armor differ from each other in characteristics and, consequently, in price.
Google Play Knights fight: Medieval arena

Knights fight: Medieval arena Trailer

Iron blade: Medieval legends

Iron blade: Medieval legends Iron Blade Medieval Legends offers you to immerse yourself in a gloomy medieval world. Evil forces decided to resurrect all sorts of demons and monsters. Well, you’ll have to deal with all this now.

In addition to the fact that many different creatures will meet on his way, the main task will be one — to get to the main instigator and stop this whole nightmare. In addition to the fact that in the game we will still get the right arsenal of weapons and equipment for ourselves, so also we will receive «a gift» of destructive spells and skills.

It is possible to build a castle for defense. The game has excellent animation and physics.
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Iron blade: Medieval legends Google Play Launch Trailer

Clash royale

Clash royale The action of Clash Royale, a new game by Clash of Clans authors, takes place in a small arena that fits in one screen. At the bottom of your fortifications: two small towers and one large, royal. In the upper — the same position of the enemy. For the destruction of each tower, the game awards the crown, and the goal of each match is to gain more crowns than the opponent before the allotted time elapses.

It is necessary to fight with a small deck of cards, creating destructive spells and calling on the battlefield of various creatures who go to conquer enemy lands on one of the two leading trails.
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Clash royale Trailer

Rival knights

Rival knights Rival Knights — this is a shareware game with a third-person view with elements of action, fantasy games and arcade from developers from the studio Gameloft. The main publisher of the game is Gameloft. Sometimes the game is also called Invincible Knight.

You need to win in an almost endless chivalrous tournament, defeating hundreds of fighters of five orders, punishing scoundrels and impressing beautiful ladies.

Gameplay in Rival Knights, as in many similar games — one-button.
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Mount and Blade: Warband

Mount and Blade: Warband The plot of the game will evolve in a very unusual manner for the players — it will be served not only with the help of mission briefings, but also with the help of dialogues and other tricks. The main innovation of the add-on is multiplayer — in several game modes will be able to converge to 32 players, including in the conquest of territories.

Turkish developers from TaleWorlds took into account the wishes of fans, improving the graphics and AI, adding the ability to create their own factions and hire vassals. The diplomacy was refined, the range of weapons and armor expanded, the combat system became more beautiful. Also in the game were included diplomatic marriages, global wars and much more RPG-elements.
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Nonstop knight

Nonstop knight The essence of the game Nonstop Knight is in the endless passage of dungeons, collecting gold, raising the characteristics of the Hero. It would seem boring, but the developers brought a lot of interesting and new to the game. First, you no longer need to click on opponents, the hero manages and without you, especially when he has an entire army of pets with unique skills, you control only special skills. This greatly simplifies the game and the time for it, on the one hand. On the other hand, every time it tempts to see how much money is collected and raise the level of weapons and armor.
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Battleheart: Legacy

Battleheart: Legacy There is much more from the action, than from the role-playing game. Weapons in the hands and strong armor could not save you from the crowd of monsters, if you do not know how to use the skills of the hero.

The developers decided not to limit the freedom of the player, so the character is diverse. There is a thief who cuts everyone like a barbarian and throws himself pieces of ice, a magician who famously works with twin blades, an archer who shoots enemies with meteorites, throws poison bottles and lulls with singing.

Battleheart Legacy — an excellent pocket killing monsters and time.
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Battleheart: Legacy Video Review

Arcane knight

Arcane knight Arcane Knight is a kind of runner, in which you have to use your Android device to control the knight and destroy enemies on his way!

In addition to all kinds of enemies who will try to kill you with sharp arrows or a throw of mines, on the way with our brave knight there will be trees and other obstacles. All this can be destroyed with a swipe across the screen.

In the game, you can also pump your hero, buying him new sabers and other cold weapons. Feature of Arcane Knight is not the genre of the game itself, but its implementation. Where else will you meet a pleasant runner on the theme of the Middle Ages? Also, a nice feature of the game is that there is no in-game purchase for real money.
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Steel and Flash

Steel and Flash Steel And Flesh is an atypical game mix of heat: a medieval 3D action and strategy. Actions take place in the Middle Ages, during the confrontation of 12 powerful clans for domination. Moreover, we are not forced to join any of the clans. It is not forbidden to build your own gang and raid villages, stuffing pockets with valuable junk.

The game is completely free and so far the developer has not introduced a donation system into it. You can bleed quickly and without extra cost.
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