Best Android games of 2018 year

9 best fighting games for Android

The struggle with the enemy in one form or another is one of the main themes of modern games. If this fight is enough for the player for fun, you can just download a fighting game for android. This genre combines many games with a variety of subjects and graphics, system requirements and interface, but the ultimate goal is always the same — victory.

Here are the top of 9 android games in the fighting game genre

  1. Mortal Kombat X
  2. Animelee
  3. Injustice 2
  4. Real Boxing 2 Rocky
  5. Soul Calibur
  6. Real Steel series
  7. Blood and glory
  8. Marvel Contest of Champions
  9. WWE Immortals

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X Mortal Kombat remained surprisingly comfortable fighting game. All combos and specials — no longer than three buttons (with rare exceptions), movements — only in four directions, this is important: see how the fans suffer no less than the people’s series Street Fighter. Beginners at first can and do take a beat on all buttons at once, here it often works.
At the same time for regulars of network leagues there are a lot of subtleties and additional measurements for the same special moves — from the air, from below, with interruption, with amplification.
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AnimeleeAnimelee — control your beast-fighter. Participate in fights with various animals. Win strong opponents and develop your character. In this game for Android you can take part in the unique battles of animals. Choose among a variety of different fighters, such as foxes, kangaroos, crocodiles, lions, etc. Each character has unique skills, characteristics and style of combat. Prove your strength by defeating enemies in different parts of the world. Get funny hats for your animals to improve their parameters. Fight your friends.

The Animelee game has great graphics and effects.
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Injustice 2

Injustice 2A three buttons in Injustice 2 are responsible for weak, medium and strong shots, and the fourth allows you to activate a special ability. If you want, you can grab the objects scattered around the arena and also put them into action — again, with just one button. Finally, when filling up to maximum power strips hands reach activate super hit to enjoy spectacular scenes, after which the enemy will not be counted at least 40% of life. Injustice 2 is devoid of even the division into rounds — each fighter comes to grips with the double strip health and just for a moment interrupted when losing the first half.

Entertainment, simplicity and dynamics are the cornerstones of Injustice 2.
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Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Real Boxing 2 RockyReal Boxing 2 ROCKY is the continuation of the louder boxing simulator in the App Store. As a basis for creating a sequel, the developers took the most famous boxer from the world of cinema — Rocky Balboa.

It all starts with the creation of a new boxer, your embodiment in the game world. The settings are quite extensive, but you can also limit yourself to a randomly generated character. After this, the player is immediately thrown into battle.

All gestures have two directions for each hand. You can deal a direct blow, hook, uppercut or blow to the body. Strikes opponent can be blocked or try to evade — it all depends on the type of impact and his goal. Each fighter has two indictors. The first is responsible for health, and the second for endurance, spent on trying to inflict damage to the opponent.
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Soul Calibur

Soul CaliburSoulCalibur is a solid fighting game with a variety of characters and exotic weapons.

Arcade mode is a series of six fights with AI-controlled opponents, a quick battle in which you can earn titles, fights against players on one console, a network game, an unlocked mode of increased complexity and training. The creation of characters is still perfectly realized. The appearance of the characters can be adjusted for hours. The new fighter is able to use any of the existing fighting styles in the game, and his uniform does not affect the course of the battle.

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Real Steel series

Real Steel series Games based on films — a fashion trend. The big box office of the movie «Real Steel», which was in the rental in the autumn of 2011, instigated Dreamworks to create an application for mobile platforms.

The action takes place in the distant future, where boxing is banned for inhumanity and replaced by fighting robots.

The game has two modes: championship and sparring.

Initially, you have at your disposal eight combat vehicles, but only fourteen of them. Each robot has three characteristics: armor, speed and strength. You can gradually improve them as you progress through the game, or do it right away, but for real money.
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Blood and glory

Real Blood and glory Become a legendary hero and save the ancient world from the vengeful gods in a new exciting game in the style of Action-RPG — Blood and Glory: Immortals. Three mortal heroes have to stop the enemies and fight with mighty gods.

Choose one of the three heroes — Gladiator, Sorcerer or Warwick. Each of them has a unique set of abilities and skills that will help you in the battle with the servants of the gods.
Enjoy the beautiful graphics that make the ancient world as realistic as possible!

Find and win a huge number of different types of weapons and armor! Collect the sets and get powerful weapons and bonuses!

Create your own guild and manage it to develop and take first place in the leader lists.
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Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel fight game Marvel: Contest of Champions is an arcade shareware fighting game. Collect your team from the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe and give battle to the most dangerous enemy in the universe in this terrific game.

According to the plot, heroes and villains from the Marvel comics arranged a grandiose battle in the format «all against all» in order to find out which of them is smarter, higher, stronger. To win, the player must build his own team of superhumans and overcome an almost infinite number of trials, including online with live people.

At your disposal everything: new characters, special crystals, in which medical potions and items for pumping heroes are hidden, and, of course, energy is the main resource in any modern game.
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WWE Immortals

Battles without rules from this second jump to a completely different level! Now in a fierce battle will fight fighters with supernatural talents from the famous studio Warner Bros.

Create yourself a team from the presented cards of the most valuable heroes and perform with them on the arena field. Destroy enemies with murderous techniques with the practical in this genre of touch control. You will have a chance to enter the contest for the right to wear the title of «The Best Fighter», and also to enter into a duel in the group battles «three on three». Also in the project multiplayer is provided, both on the Internet and without it.
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