Best Android games of 2018 year

7 best Android games of 2017 year

Thanks to a large number of new high-quality smartphones and tablets, mobile games in 2017 reached new heights in the gameplay and graphics. Last year was amazing on the development of games. Popular Nintendo catched the market at last. A lot of fresh games from all genres were presented. There were wonderful hits, such as Chicken Scream, sub-radar stones and funny Mushroom 11 and some other games. It is understandable that the most sought-after games of last year were freemium games.

In our review, there are seven games selected in the Google market app store, which are the superior games for Android since 2017!

Top Android games of 2017 year

  1. Pokemon Go
  2. Rockstar Games
  3. Chicken Scream
  4. Mushroom 11
  5. Monument Valley 2
  6. Card Thief
  7. Iron Marines

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GoAndroid game Pokemon Go appeared in the world of mobile games in July 2016. Precisely, this is the most well-known game involving Pokemon on smartphones. This is a game of augmented reality, similar to Ingress, where you travel the natural world, pick up the Pokemon, leveling them, then apply to fight the gyms, and click the Pokestops to take more items. There are many different devices to create the game more attractive, for example, in game events.

Delight about the game a little calmed down. The evolution of the game will continue as long as Nintectic wants it.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the most well-known Pokemon games all over the world.

This game is free with in-app purchases.
Google Play Pokemon Go

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games Leading developer of video games, created by the powerful corporation Take-Two Interactive, has more than 10 successful projects, each of which brought the company billions of dollars and worldwide recognition. Of course, the track record of Rockstar Games is not as big as that of competitors, but this does not make them the leader among TOP developers, but scrupulousness and creativity in the work.

The main emphasis in its development studio makes to expand the actions of the player, giving him a huge world and a lot of opportunities. The company not only became a leader among video game vendors, but also succeeded in developing innovations, including the Bullet Time in Max Payne, the previously unprecedented plot in Manhunt and the dynamism of the Midnight Club, which became famous for their unique features.

Google Play Rockstar Games




Chicken Scream

Chicken ScreamChicken Scream is a funny android game where you can govern the chicken movements. In this game you need to control the behavior of the chicken by your voice. A little chicken must run through a complicated path, jump onto the platform, so as not to get a spill into the water. Go as far as possible in this game and set your own record. It’s very easy to control the game, you just do not make noise to stop the chicken, speak quietly, so the chicken goes ahead and screams if you want it to jump.

Use the voice control correctly and do not let the chicken fall into the water, because the game willstop, and you will start all things again.

Chicken Scream goes for free with extra purchases.
Chicken Scream Google Play



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Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11Android game Mushroom-11 is a fascinating puzzle game that received many different rewards for its music, playing style and mechanics. You could remove the necessary parts of the fungus. The mushroom grows on the other side. This allows you to move the blob to where it needs to move. The game Mushroom-11 has a little background that was hidden in the game and achievements with various challenges. This interesting game is quite popular.

This Mushroommechanics and game plays are very professional made.

It costs $4.99without advertising and in-app purchases.
Google Play Mushroom 11

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Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2This popular game uses a compelling perspective to create dizzying puzzles. In this game you control two characters: a woman and herbaby. This game is easy to manage. It is necessary to click in the place where you want your hero to move, and he will hurry there, if at all possible. Often you will need to somehow manipulate the level using a slider, levers and buttons. As you rotate and distort the objects will look different. In this game, all possible platforms are actually connected. The game has an ordinary geometric style with saturated colors and imaginative perspectives. Tasks are not difficult, but they are very funny.

It’s well price is $4.99 asking price.
Monument Valley 2 Google Play

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Card Thief

Card ThiefThe beginning of the game Card Thief — you have card thief on the playing field with 11 other cards, most of which are enemy guards. You must move unnoticed from one place to another, moving away from the shadows to pull out the guards and take the prey. It takes some time for the game, since many of the cards have their own specificity and special application. Other guards have weapon that illuminate adjacent squares. These guards take a large number of points of your invisibility. You must select all the cards in the pack before the exit appears, and then you must exit using your loots.

Card Thief has a quaint visual style, and the cards have wonderful animations.

The game can be free with a purchase of $ 2.99 for release from advertising and an unlock timer.
Card Thief Google Play

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Iron Marines

Iron MarinesAt the moment there are not many good games in real time on Android.Although Iron Marines is a universal game on a small screen, and it’s just adorable. This game is provided by the developers of the royal series of Rush games to protect the tower.

Iron Marines successfully completed the mechanization of the base building and RTS control units for mobile devices without creating a very easy game. There are several towers on your base, but this is basically a military strategy game. The battle takes place in real time, and you can choose different units or the whole group at the same time.

In addition to the usual ground elements, you have the ability to orbital strike and the image of the hero.

At the moment, there are two chapters that occur in a variety of environments. Other areas will also be added later.

The game costs $ 4.99, and there are small extra purchases in the app.
Iron Marines Google Play