Best Android games of 2018 year

5 best MMORPG games for Android

Good MMORPG in the world of Android are not common. In general, this genre has not received proper attention on mobile platforms, including iOS. Nevertheless, the developers do not give up and from time to time produce projects that deserve due attention, because this genre is becoming popular among gamers. We offer you a selection of the top 5 MMORPG games on Android.

Top MMORPG games for Android

  1. Legion of Heroes
  2. Avabel online
  3. Dungeon Hunter 5
  4. Order & Chaos Online
  5. Heroes of Incredible Tales

Legion of Heroes

Legion of HeroesLegion of Heroes is a mixture of two genres: RPG and TBS. The PC version of the game was developed 4 years ago. Now there is a version for smartphones. Korean developers have put together all the favorite Heroes of Might and Magic with the world-famous MMORPGs. It turned out very well. The game also has a PvP mode.

In addition, in Legion of Heroes there are beautiful story screensavers, in addition, voiced, and the game itself has great 3D graphics.

An open world awaits you, as well as several classes of heroes.

The only drawback is that in the game one language — Korean.
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Avabel online

Avabel onlineAvabel Online is a shareware free-to-air role-playing action movie with a third-person view for mobile platforms. You will go to the rich fantasy world, which visually borders with the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the future. There are four classes of characters in the game among them are warriors, mages, acolytes or arrows. Each class has certain skills, which, of course, can be improved as the experience increases and the level of the character increases.

In Avabel Online, players have to hunt monsters, perform real-time quests along with thousands of other players online and join groups for passing mysterious dungeons. There are guilds and PvP-battles.

Create a team or fight in real time with other players!
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Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5The user’s actions are minimized in Dungeon Hunter 5: one swipe with a wand (knife, sword, saber) kills dozens, and even hundreds of different characters in one location.
The main composition is built around the demons and chaos that is created in the kingdom of Valentia. The player’s task is to punish all villains, to destroy the dominant mess, and to return to people all that they have lost.

It is possible to navigate in 5 different locations, where all characters and other creatures differ in their appearance and different characteristics, equipment and outfit.

Dungeon Hunter 5 provides extensive content for all users, as well as additional opportunities for interaction with other players. To protect your fortress, you can populate it with different creatures.
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Order & Chaos Online

Order & Chaos OnlineThe game Order & Chaos Online provides the widest opportunities for its users. It is a huge open world, a multifaceted PVP system, more than 2500 skills for development, 5000 pieces of jewelry, thousands of monsters, fascinating underground raids and much more. The plot here, of course, is not very exciting, and it can be called a template, but this is not the main thing in games of this kind. Here the main interaction, joint adventures, clans of the battle and other entertainments. And this gives us Gameloft in full!
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Heroes of Incredible Tales

Heroes of Incredible TalesIn addition to the usual characteristics and multiplayer (arena, PvP «3 by 3», raids, guild wars and the like), Heroes of Incredible Tales has a full story campaign for a single game, as well as tests of Tower Trials and daily Dungeon assignments.

There are four game heroes: the valiant swordsman Hugo, the deft assassin Anika, the dusk warrior Lucas and the wise female magician Kiki. Each character has a unique style of combat.

Thoughtful combat system HIT affords to players an extensive arsenal of combos, which can be built from air attacks, counterstrikes, throws, slopes and special techniques.
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