Best Android games of 2018 year

10 best Android multiplayer games

Smartphone games have been permanently getting better. Multiplayer games will allow you to go your way to fame and honors, albeit virtual, but still, weighty, to survive a lot of adventures and overcome all obstacles. There are many games that support actual multiplayer play now, PvP and including real time co-op.

If you want to have a good time with friends, for you the brightest ten Android multiplayer games!

Best multiplayer games for Android

  1. Order & Chaos 2
  2. Modern Combat 5 FPS
  3. Riptide GP2
  4. SHADOWGUN: DeadZone
  5. Badland
  6. Pocket Tanks
  7. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  8. BombSquad
  9. Worms 3
  10. GT Racing 2

Order & Chaos 2

Order Chaos 2 This is the new part of the interesting multi-user role-gaming strategy for smartphones. Order and Chaos was released in 2011. Like the first part, the continuation will be made in 3D.

There are 5 races: Orcs, Mendels, Elves and Humans and a new game race – Kratany and five classes: Berserkers, Monks, Pathfinders, Mages and Warriors. Challenge the monstrous bosses or other players! Find an interesting world of incredible dimensions, animated with magnificent graphics! The game is optimized for mobile — from management to fast sessions in solo-dungeons! The lot of heroes and dozens will whirl you in a whirlwind of intrigue and military confrontation.
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Order & Chaos 2 Gameplay Trailer

Modern Combat 5 FPS

Modern Combat 5 FPS This game is a fresh version of the well-known shooter for android. You can play on the side of US soldiers or terrorists. You could use eighty various cards, more than twenty types of weapons, as well as various additions. There are different helicopters, droids and tanks, which you can use to provide cover for the Allied forces.

In game Modern Combat, the character is able to dodge bullets and do a tackle.

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Modern Combat 5 FPS Review

Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2 Riptide GP 2 is a race on hydrocycles with improved physics and graphics. A new career regime is introduced and the opportunities for customization and improvement are expanded.

Competitions take place in more than 60 exciting competitions: «Race», «One Circle», «On Shootout», «Freestyle». There are 10 powerful jet boats with the ability to improve performance and color gamut in order to gain significant advantages in the competition. And also, Increase yourself to activate 25 dizzying tricks.

Compete with the best virtual indicators of your friends in the «Virtual Challenge» mode.

The frame rate is 60 frames per second with an impeccable resolution of 1080p.
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Riptide GP2 Review


SHADOWGUN DeadZone Shadowgun: Deadzone is a free browser based online game from the developer «Madfinders Games». The game was released in 2013.

Shadowgun: Deadzone — a game that is developed in the popular third-person shooter genre. You can play it in 3D mode. The keyword that characterizes the meaning of Shadowgun: Deadzone is «fights». You are expected to win and lose, improve skills, a huge number of better weapons, ammunition and equipment. Playing in the casino will help you get hold of gold, which you can later invest in your uniform. Excellent graphics complement the pleasant experience of the game. Shadowgun: Deadzone will help you prove your mastery of virtual combat to gamers from around the world.
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SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Review



Badland is about survival in a beautiful, but not very friendly world. Its dark golden thickets and strange mechanisms can be seen endlessly. However, the screen is constantly moving from left to right, and it is only necessary to hesitate as a hero (a funny black ball with wings) will be returned to the last passed checkpoint. To move, you have to wave your short wings: one touch of the screen with your finger — one wipe of the wings. Hold your finger longer, and the black hero-balloon will fly higher, release — and he will go down with a stone. In itself, the fall is not fatal, but mines sticking out from everywhere, circular saws and other traps kill with one touch.

There are also unpretentious puzzles that you need to solve in order to clear your path. Time to understand what is happening, almost no, and die in the process of finding a solution to the next task will often.
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Badland Review

Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks Pocket Tanks is a simple and fun game from Blitwise Productions and Michael P. Welch. It represents a training ground for a duel of two tanks of different colors armed with a variety of weapons.

In the 1 player mode, you are fighting against a computer opponent, who must first set the difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 10. The difficulty affects the accuracy of the enemy’s attack.

In addition to the standard mode, there are others: 2 players can compete against each other in a mode similar to the hot-seat. There is also the possibility of practice, where the number of moves is unlimited, and you can shoot from all types of weapons available at the moment in the game version. There is also a game on the network.
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Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne This special game is the new kind of super-popular arcade racing franchise Gameloft, but now we get new air elements to perform tricks. The jumping mechanics is perfectly inscribed in the game and adds excitement, but it bothers you pretty quickly.

The default control system requires you to tilt the device to control the car’s rotation, while the gas is always active, you can touch the right side of the screen to get a charge of nitro. The brakes are located on the left side of the screen, and until you have to often brake in the arcade race, the brake button will help start the drift, which is especially convenient in sharp turns and generates nitro.
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BombSquad A funny character called Maximus, dressed in a robot suit, must survive at any cost and destroy all enemies. But on this passage BombSquad is not limited. The app will please us with an abundance of diverse missions. The developers added a competitive component to the creation. So, in one mission, you will have to do rugby, but instead of a ball there will be a flag that needs to be delivered to a certain zone on the opponent’s half field, which will be bombed and punched. The same story is with the football goal.

The graphics deserve good ratings, the locations are funny, the characters are unique. The soundtrack is also at a high level.
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Worms 3

Worms 3 For Worms 3, developers from Team 17 developed the ideas of the classic games of the series and created a worthy continuation of worms, perfectly adapted for mobile devices.

Worms 3 offers several game modes. A classic campaign, in which the player will be confronted by worms under the control of artificial intelligence, contains about 30 missions. During their passage, you can earn coins and develop their tactical battle skills. The success of each mission is estimated from one to three stars.

The classic gameplay was diversified by a card game, but, if you wish, you could not use cards by prohibiting them before the match starts.
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Worms 3 Review

GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 The developers have gone from illegal driving through the streets of cities to legal races on equipped tracks in new GT Racing 2.

Gameloft distributes GT Racing 2 shareware-free. Some gaming goods are bought for in-game currency, ordinary gold coins. More opportunities are opened up for «playing dollars», the rest for real money.

At the first start it is offered to choose the suitable control scheme (later it can be changed in the settings) and to pass a trial race. After its completion, you must purchase an initial machine for further performances.
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