Best Android games of 2018 year

Best Android games in which you can play in 2018

The year 2017 was so rich in good games that it might seem as if a long lull waits for us — it’s not like that, there will be lots of games.

Most of the games that we waited a year or two ago, moved to 2018. We hope that the developers have ordered additional time to bring their projects to perfection, and the games that led our «Expectations» last year, and in this they received a small mention in the «Still waiting» block, will be among the best releases of 2018. As for the main list, the projects mentioned in it are almost guaranteed to become classics

10 best Android games

  1. MARVEL Strike Force
  2. Arena of Valor
  3. Walking Dead: The Final Season
  4. Tacticool
  5. Mutant Football League
  6. Organic Panic
  7. Dragon Nest: Labyrinth
  8. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  10. Black Desert Online Mobile

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MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike ForceIn this game you have to collect own troop of five comic characters. Some of them just have not fight together, but also give out powerful combo attacks. Each hero has special abilities that can be improved, and six slots for uniforms. The characters themselves can also train to increase their strength. The developers promise simple management, high-quality graphics and a large number ofheros. Spider-Man, Loki, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket, Electra, Venom, Daredevil, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Red Skull, Gamora, Hulk and others are already declared.
Google Play MARVEL Strike Force



MARVEL Strike Force — Gameplay Trailer

Arena of Valor

Arena of ValorThe game Arena of Valor have been enjoyed the greatest love and popularity for several years in the Asian market, the creation of which was performed by the studio Tencent Proxima Beta. And now Arena of Valor officially goes out all over the world.

Heroes are divided into six categories — Tanks, Assassins, Mages, Support, Warriors and Marxmen — and there are 40 unique characters those you may choose, including Batman from DC. The secret of success is to build a balanced team and make it unbreakable.

Arena of Valor really delays, and you will repeatedly enter into the next round.

For beginners in the game there is a special bonus — training mode Hook Wars, which allows you to master and sharpen the skill.
Google Play Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor — Official Trailer

Walking Dead: The Final Season

Walking Dead: The Final SeasonThe Walking Dead is a video game in the genre of adventure, coming out in separate episodes, starting from April 24, 2012.
The central character of the game was Lee Everett, specially created for her and not appearing earlier in the comics. Some of the characters of the original comics are also present in the game, for example, Herschel Green and Glenn.

The player needs to interact with the surrounding objects and use the found items from the inventory to advance the game’s story. In some situations, the player is limited in time and may die during the game. The decisions made by the player affect the plot and the relationship with other characters in the game.
Google Play Walking Dead

Walking Dead — Announcement Trailer


Tacticool game date publishTacticool — a new and fairly promising multiplayer game, packed into the genre of a multiplayer shooter. Battles take place in the popular format in 5 to 5, and the arsenal of weapons includes: various small arms, grenades, mines, transport and much more. In addition, it is permissible to press opponents on the machine, to set up traps for them in the form of a minefield. On the territory where the battle takes place there are many different objects — barrels, pipes, containers. It can be used as a means of shelter or murder.

Compete with other gamers for the right to be called the best killer!

Tacticool Gameplay Trailer

Mutant Football League

Mutant Football LeagueMutant Football League is a remake of Mutant League Football, an arcade simulator of American football, in which players not only drive the match across the field, but also break each other’s heads, break hands, legs, and generally engage in self-mutilation.

American football is quite a tough game, but it’s much more interesting in the heat of the fight for the ball to tear off the opponent’s hands or feet, perhaps even the head. In this case, any physical interference in the structure of rivals is allowed, the basics of the game are all the same, you take a ball to the edge of the field, making it impossible to opponent to do the same.

Mutant Football League — Gameplay Trailer

Organic Panic

Organic PanicOrganic Panic is a logical platform where you have to take part in the confrontation of organic vegetables and fruits with meat and cheese.

The game world will be as interactive as possible. For example, it will be possible to push objects, drill them and saw, pour water cavities, burn wooden structures, crumble stones. Each hero will have his own unique super abilities. Cherry is the magician of the earth, the kiwi is the water mage, the carrot is the fire mage, and the coconut control gravity.

In Organic Panic you are waiting for more than 200 completely destructible levels with a dynamic environment, the ability to play alone or in the company of up to four people, built-in level editor and much more.

Organic Panic — Gameplay

Dragon Nest: Labyrinth

Dragon Nest: LabyrinthThe game will unfold in the established universe of Dragon Nest, and players will start the game for one of the four available classes of heroes.

Moving to the ultimate goal, the lair of the Dragon, players will be able to expand their capabilities, getting equipment, pumping heroes and gaining additional troops to join the squad.

In addition to research and mopping up extensive PvE maps and dungeons, players will have the opportunity to prove themselves in PvP-confrontations and take an honorable place in the global standings.

Dragon Nest: Labyrinth — Gameplay Trailer

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards UniteA new game from the creators of Pokemon Go takes you to the world of sorcery and magic created by Joanne Rowling. Players will meet face to face with the famous characters. Players would be able to learn and use spells, team up with other wizards to destroy powerful enemies, find mysterious artifacts and constantly increase their strength and mastery of the magician. Warner Bros promises that it will change your world if you look game through the prism of your smartphone. Well, we are preparing for magic and other witchcraft of modern technology.

Gameplay Trailer


churchel android gameChuchel is an unusual adventure with a side view from the creators of Samorost 3, Botanicula and Machinarium. This is a two-dimensional, hand-drawn puzzle game, quite unlike what was previously done in Amanita Design. The firm «junk» style is presented here, but there is no gloomy surrealism, and even some raid of hopelessness of being. In the title role, angry hairy, a bit pleasant, yelling and smart potato, in which there is an insatiable passion for cherry, and he will do everything to get it.

You have to solve non-hard puzzles and enjoy a unique style of play.

Chuchel Official Trailer

Black Desert Online Mobile

Black Desert Online MobileBlack Desert Mobile is a mobile adaptation of the acclaimed PC-version of the Korean MMORPG Black Desert from Pearl Abyss. The option for smartphones will be a separate game, and the camera in it will be isometric — that is, with a view from above. In the novelty will be available all the components of the original: the profession from fishing to hunting, world bosses, the same classes, skills, awakenings and much more.

The developers of Black Desert plan to make the gameplay of this title cross-platform. It is also known that in it will be an ever-expanding game world, which will include both dungeons and new mountain areas.

Black Desert Mobile Gameplay Android

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